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ÖH Election 2023

“Die Brut” runs for the ÖH elections 2023 at the AAU Klagenfurt It has been 10 years since “Die Brut” last narrowly missed the entry into the university representation at the AAU Klagenfurt. 10 years in which fewer and fewer groups wanted to spend the time and resources to stand up against the arbitrariness of […]

F.A.Q. (2013)

What does the short term “Die Brut” stand for? It is often said that “Brut” is also synonymous with beer, red wine and tequila. However, this is fundamentally wrong.“Die Brut” is merely the succinctly shortened version of the actual name for the association: “Democracy in the 21st Century – Die Brut.” What is the brood? […]


Die Brut (short: DB as in Destruktive Brut) originally emerged from an online gaming community, ran in the ÖH elections in Klagenfurt in 2005 as well as in 2007 and both times just closely missed the election target of one mandate. In the sense of a better representation of the students Die Brut used itself […]