Our demands to the ÖH (and in general):

Student union instead of party representation

Die Brut is committed to a re-emergence of the ÖH as a real student and NOT a (local) party representationship. If an organization close to the black/turquoise part of society at the university wants to defend a UG amendment that makes life more difficult for students, then we are not automatically part of it! If the name “socialist” associations only offensively promote the socio-political reorientation of their mother party, then we are not there!

After all, the task of a “union” is to stand up for THEIR members and not simply to serve as a kind of fig leaf for people who obviously have other goals.

It will probably be difficult to improve a university’s ranking simply by putting more pressure on students to finish their studies faster, but rather by improving the courses offered and streamlining the organizational structure.

For this, permanent pressure must be put on the senate and the rectorate – escaping into the “safe space bubble” will NOT help the students at the university in the long run – at most the careers of the would-be junior politicians in their respective parties.

Creation of the possibilities needed (acquisition of course places) to get a degree in the minimum period of study

If the government wants to introduce “minimum study requirements”, then it must also make it possible that all the needed courses can be taken during the minimum study period. This is currently NOT the case at AAU Klagenfurt. Courses sometimes take place at the same time on Monday or Tuesday mornings … an impossibility for people who have a job.

Free parking during the course-free time

About 10 years ago, parking in front of the traditional commuter university in Klagenfurt was still free of charge. In the meantime, it no longer seems to be an issue that (working) students from SV and SP are “ripped off”. Nevertheless, we demand that parking fees be suspended, at least on lecture-free days, as the argument of the allegedly chronic lack of parking spaces definitely ceases to exist on these days.

Expansion of the range of courses

Since university education does not just mean “schooling” to us, we would like to see an expansion of the courses offered at the AAU Klagenfurt! Within the framework of the curricula of the various fields of study, there must again be MORE space for free elective subjects that can be interdisciplinary and should also include more artistic branches. A cooperation with the conservatory or the drama school would be desirable.

Tuition fee reimbursement (because of COVID-19)

Because of the Corona crisis, the tuition fees for SS 2020 and WS 2020/21 must be refunded on the part of the federal government to the universities and subsequently also to the students who paid them. Consequently, also for SS 2021, etc., in which the measures were maintained.

Online inspection of exams

Especially if, as it is the case right now, there are hardly any people at the university itself and the exams take place online, it would be desirable for affected students to have the opportunity to have a look at the corrected work online. For reasons of transparency, this must be standardized and made mandatory for ALL online exams.
Centralization of the courses

Anyone studying at AAU Klagenfurt thinks that the courses take place at the central university location at the Universitätsstraße. We oppose any relocation to external locations.

Revitalization of the university district (university street festival)

At other university locations, the “University Quarter” is a place of cultural exchange and an opportunity to get to know people. In Klagenfurt, the impression is obvious that the university district is to be “bled out”. Building regulations are popped in front of the Uniwirt’s nose and the small local suppliers are facing increasing competition from supermarkets at the Villacherstraße. We demand solidarity with the local companies and will organize the „Unistraßenfest“ again (in cooperation with the local SMEs).

Lectures should remain lectures

The trend towards converting lectures in the curriculum of most fields of study into seminars irritates us. In our opinion, the difference between FHs and universities should be preserved!

ECTS should have the same value across disciplines

Why a student should receive a different number of ECTS for the same course in one field of study than in the other is incomprehensible to us. Is the time of student in the teachers program really worth less than that of one who is doing a Master in media and communication?

Places in mandatory excursions must be guaranteed and affordable

If there have to be MANDATORY excursions in a specific field of study, then a place in this excursion must be guaranteed and AFFORDABLE for every student in this field (yes, we are talking about the history department!)

Student feedback should be heard!

There is a possibility for students to give feedback in (almost) every course. Why is this not taken seriously? We received credible reports of discrimination and practical incompetence on the part of some of the course instructors. Such incidents MUST have consequences.

Better compatibility of study and work / family

In short: weekend block courses, no parking fees and more courses in the evening or some kind of summer university.
Night and weekend lines of the STW

It would be nice if the night lines could make a little detour around the university stop. Negotiations on this topic with the Carinthian Lines should be in the best interests of both sides … but they are not happening yet.

“Basic Income” for all students

That students can concentrate on their studies, we demand the abolition of the additional income limit for the self-support scholarship and money for people without a job or parental support, from low-income families. This shall be accomplished through a scholarship of € 1000 per month. This can (and should) be linked to the fulfilment of a minimum course achievement (measured by a standardized number of ECTS).

Participants in the Erasmus program who meet certain conditions could also benefit from this.

No brokerage fees

If the housing market becomes more and more expensive, especially in the big cities where most universities are located, it would be only logical to forego brokerage fees for the settlement of potential academics to improve the local economy. An apartment at the location of study must not become a luxury! Here both the federal government and the individual municipalities have an obligation.

Community housing for students

Another way to better meet the housing needs of students at their place of study would be to give them community housing. Allegedly, many large council flats are empty because there is a trend towards small units on the housing market.

The WG concept would be ideal here. For example: Why not give a 100 m² apartment to four (or more) students?

Better communication towards “freshmen”

Although the ÖH does offer so-called “Welcome Days”, they are simply overlooked by many and most of the topics there are discussed in a very study-specific manner. To improve the situation of people who do not find their way around straight away, we would like to offer an introductory event a little later in the semester, in which general questions about dealing with public authorities, events, housing options and subsidies are discussed again.

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