F.A.Q. (2013)

What does the short term “Die Brut” stand for?

It is often said that “Brut” is also synonymous with beer, red wine and tequila. However, this is fundamentally wrong.
“Die Brut” is merely the succinctly shortened version of the actual name for the association: “Democracy in the 21st Century – Die Brut.”

What is the brood?

An association, consisting of members of the “Destructive Brood” (online community), committed people and students, who have made it their goal to improve the living (and thus, at universities, also the studying) conditions in their immediate environment. For this purpose, the Brut sees itself as a collection of people with alternative ideas about politics and the state.
We are not part of any political group and we attach great importance to our independence from the, for us often corrupt, party apparatuses.
For us, faction independence is not necessarily connected with economic independence, but this support must not be given through a political party or favor such a party.

What is the difference between Brut and PLUS?

In contrast to another FachSchafsliste running under the camouflage name PLUS at the University of Klagenfurt, we do not create our program only according to neoliberal (i.e. useful for big industry) points of view.
The PLUS, for example, only outwardly advocates a multicultural society and lived homosexuality because it wants a multitude of cheap foreign and uprooted wage slaves.

Do you have something against homosexuals?

If they are abused by the PLUS for their election campaign purposes, then definitely: YES!

You guys are against bilingualism, right?

“Die Brut” at the University of Klagenfurt has been campaigning for the consistent implementation of the Alps-Adriatic idea since its inception. That’s why we demand trilingualism, as for example in the mailings of the History Institute, also for the ÖH, which is so far only bilingual, and its place-name signs in front of the university. We would also welcome and support similar initiatives at the universities of Ljubljana and Marburg.

Are you a Green splinter group?

No. In fact, one of the co-founders of the Brut used to be a member of the Greens (as was a former PLUS ÖH chair, by the way); however, at the time of the Brut’s founding, he had long since resigned from all functions within the party and was without active membership.

How come I never hear from you guys at the university? I don’t even get mass mails from you as I do from the other factions….

Since we could not win a seat in the U(niversity)V(ertretung) at the last ÖH-elections, it is unfortunately not permitted to us up to the coming election campaign from the ÖH (which cooperates in this thing side by side with the university administration) from mails over the, actually for it created, mailing list “students_politics@edu.uni-klu.ac.at” to send, to use premises at the university free of charge or at the university to placard, let alone to organize Uniparties.
Here the allegedly so “cosmopolitan” ÖH shows once again its true, anti-democratic face. The opposition is mercilessly silenced, no matter what the cost, while the fine gentlemen in the executive even misuse ÖH printers for faction advertising.

How can I participate?

Just contact one of our members; otherwise: http://die-brut.at/

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