ÖH Election 2023

“Die Brut” runs for the ÖH elections 2023 at the AAU Klagenfurt

It has been 10 years since “Die Brut” last narrowly missed the entry into the university representation at the AAU Klagenfurt.

10 years in which fewer and fewer groups wanted to spend the time and resources to stand up against the arbitrariness of the system favors running purely from opportunistic groups with super plus good names.

10 years in which everything got EVEN worse.

But this time we do not watch again! Let them fight over who will be their chairman… we will again make politics for the people at the university and in the university district; NOT for any party.

As the only truly independent movement at the Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt, we are committed to a (re)revitalization of the university quarter and to promoting performance instead of rip-offs and harassment.

It must not be that pure show politics is made around from the really important topics for students like housing shortage and financial Abzocke to divert. The Green-Black government is bleeding us all dry, while the AG and GRAS position themselves as saviors. The SPÖ is sinking into chaos and the only thing the VSSTÖ is doing is the same at ÖH level.

We have enough of it!

Even though we may not know a concrete answer to the really important questions of the time, such as those about the 21st gender and how we can lower the temperature even further in an ice age, we continue to stand up for freedom of expression and against contact guilt, which is why Martin Pöcher, BA will run for us again this year.

He himself is employed and knows how difficult it is to graduate from the AAU when the time to go to Klagenfurt every day is scarce. Nevertheless, he has already gained some experience in ÖH politics as a student representative in Infomanagement, later also in MuK and as chairman of the student village’s home representation.

Therefore from 09 – 11 May: Vote for the brood; be part of it! 😉

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